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Bad Decisions -Mug

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Good girl. Bad decisions - Mug

What happened on that hen weekend stays on that hen weekend, right? In fact, it's not just hen weekends. It might as well apply to any weekend or girl's night out. It's a simple fact of life. 

Good girls having great times can lead to bad decisions.

And bad decisions make for great stories.

So, why not remind yourself of them everyday with our unique Good Girl Bad Decisions mug.

This time, though, let your hair down without losing your handbag, breaking a heel or getting arrested for mooning a police officer while peeing in a darkened doorway.

Shop our Good Girl Bad Decisions Smug Mug today!

Bad decisions make great tales. And we all want something to talk about over coffee, don't we?

Additional Info:

- 11oz standard ceramic white mug.

- Mugs are hand printed so they can take a little longer to process ( usually 3-5 days )