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Basic Witch - Pin Badge

It'll Put A Spell On You!

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High-Quality Enamel. Metal Clasp.


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About this Basic Witch - Pin Badge

By the pricking of my thumbs, a wicked pin badge this way comes.

With a cute design & stand-out colouring, this could almost be the pin badge for an exclusive club.

Made from high-quality enamel with a neat metal clasp, it's certainly a fun & intriguing way to express your personality.

Why we think you'll love it

Because it's bold & colourful. And it's FUN! Rebellious fashion accessories don't come any better than that.

How to Style it

Unless you have a full witches' get up, pin it to something stylish & sassy to complement its brassy & bold, provocative message.

For fashion inspo, it's a pin badge that lends itself to all sorts of fun scenarios.

Put them under your spell & wear it on a beanie close to those mesmerising eyes of yours.

Or, pin it to your jacket on a girl's night out with your coven.

Even better, wear it to work & get them gossiping about your mysterious private life.

Whatever you do, it's a pin badge that's wicked good!

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