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Wasp Factory - Rave T Shirt

Absolutely BUZZING!

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100% combed organic cotton. Heavy weight jersey t-shirt.


Weight approx 5.6oz / 190g.
Available in sizes XS to XL. Check product images for size chart.

About this Wasp Factory - Rave T Shirt

In the Westcountry, where we live, the Wasp Factory/Warehouse raves of the early 90s are the stuff of legend.

Run out of Plymouth & Torquay they were the ultimate rave experience.

If you were there you'd remember. We were there. And this rave t shirt design keeps that memory alive.

Why we think you'll love it

Soundwaves head out into infinite space while disco biscuits fall to earth from House Music Heaven.

It's an old skool raver's reverie.

How to Style it

Fool people into thinking you're just into wearing big smiley face emojis.
Then show them how to really party!

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