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Bad Decisions - Notepad

Good girl. Bad decisions - Notepad

What happens on a hen weekend stays on a hen weekend, right? In fact, it's not just hen weekends. It might as well apply to any weekend. It's a simple fact of life. 

Good girls having great times can lead to bad decisions.

Why? Because there's letting your hair down and dancing all night. And then there's losing your handbag, breaking a heel and getting arrested for mooning a police officer while peeing in a darkened doorway.

"It wasn't me, your honour. It was the weekend that did it!", is not a great excuse. But it does make for a great story.

And we all know good girls love naughty stories. So, what are you waiting for?

Get writing one.

Shop our Good Girl Bad Decisions Notepad today!

Bad decisions make great tales. And you want something to read to the grand children at bedtime, don't you?

Additional Info:

- A5 PUR Bound 100 page |300gsm silk cover (anti-scuff laminated)

- 100gsm uncoated text (lined)