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Bad Decisions - T-Shirt

Good girl. Bad decisions - T-Shirt

What happens on a hen weekend stays on a hen weekend, right? It's a simple fact of life. Good girls having a great time can make bad decisions. Especially on a night out.

How so?

Well, there's letting your hair down and dancing all night. And then there's losing your handbag, breaking a heel and getting arrested for mooning a police officer while peeing in a darkened doorway.

"It wasn't me, your honour. It was the weekend that did it!", is a bad excuse for a good girl. Still, it makes for a great t-shirt design and an even better story.

Wear your memories of those wild weekends with pride.

Shop our Good Girl Bad Decisions T-Shirt today!

Been there. Bought the t-shirt!

Additional Info:

- 100% Combed Organic Cotton 

- Verified ethical manufacture with a 90% reduced carbon footprint

- Vegan Friendly

- Check Image Size Chart for sizes