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Disco or House | Necklace Spinner

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House or Disco? - Necklace Spinner

It's the weekend and you're revved up and ready to party. But you're facing an all too familiar dance music dilemma. What will it be? Disco? Or House?


Arrgh! We feel for you funksters. We love both. But there is a quick answer to such a difficult decision. 

Let our funky Disco or House necklace spinner decide!

No more arguments. No more disappointing dance-offs. No more regrets.

Chance dictates the dance. Fate beckons you on to that dance floor. And, in the end, you've no choice but to go with the flow.

Save yourself the house or disco hassle. Take it for a spin today!

Shop our Disco or House Necklace Spinner Now!

Don't blame it on the boogie!

Additional Info:

Metal: 18ct gold plated

Pendant Dimensions: Inside spinner dimensions 1.8 cm by 1.8 cm. Chain length: 50 cm chain with 5 cm extender.

This necklace is PVD vacuum coated. Which means it’s waterproof, tarnish free and won’t chip! Basically, it’s indestructible. *

** Difficulty making any YES or NO decision? We can help with that too. Shop our no-nonsense Hell Yes / F**K No necklace spinner. It's designer jewellery for life's difficult decisions. **