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Everyone says we are more carefree now. Standards are dropping. Porn is everywhere. There are no restriction. Well, let me tell you a story.

We launched our new Covers - Wall art & Print range last week only to find a lot of the products had been blocked by non other than Futuristic digital giant Facebook.

Apparently our designs fell foul of the censorship bot. It's a clever bot as it does pick out words and images, but we found ourselves in stitches laughing at how a modern day world was being more restrictive that the internet days!

Facebook censorship Facebook censorship how times haven't changed

Okay so I admit some are a bit raunchy ( well aren't a lot of our designs ! )...but a pulp book cover called "Sex Goddess"- made in the 50's ....ROFL. It's kind of refreshing to know that the wall art that we are making in 2020 is still getting the same reactions that it did when it was made in the 1950's ! Who said times have changed!

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