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Do you really make the stuff?

Yes. Around 80% of our products are made by us in our studio in Devon. This includes art, mugs, cards, clothing & lighting products.

We take real pride in this fact and, although it can take longer to get items to customers, each product is limited-edition and totally unique.

Why aren't you as cheap as Shein, Primark, The Card Factory?

We are battling against those behemoths. Stores like them killed your high street. Pile it high and sell it cheap isn't our motto.

We hand make a lot of our products. They are usually extremely limited-edition. Plus, we aim to make them much to a much higher quality.

By all means use those identikit stores if you want to blend in with everyone else.

Where is my parcel?

We try and get everything out as soon as possible. However, as we make a lot of our products, there can sometimes be delays due to stocking issues.

We will inform you asap if this is the case.

Lighting products take the longest to make as each one is made to order. However, do let us know if an items is missing, delayed or you're desperate for something and we'll do our best to chase it up.

My packaging parcel or box is a bit tatty or used.

Originally, due to my background in branding, we started designing beautiful bespoke packaging for our products.

However, after a while, our studio started becoming a warehouse for cardboard boxes and other miscellaneous packing materials. Not only our own packing boxes, but the countless number of boxes for the things we had ordered just to make our stuff.

We then found out that our local recycling area had to process cardboard away from our local area. This made no sense. We were throwing away perfectly good packaging and materials and ordering in more packaging and materials.

We just couldn't do it any more. It's wrong and totally against our environmental principles.

So, if a package arrives that looks reused, or has an Amazon or some other company's label, or has some horrible plastic packing material in it, don't worry it's still our products inside.

We've just taken their stuff and re-used it.

Your order will still be like new on the inside. It's just on the outside that it might look a bit...meh!

Are you really green ?

We're based in Totnes, one of the UK's most environmentally friendly towns. Therefore, we try to do everything we can to reduce our own environmental impact.

This includes in our inks, in our clothing range (which has one of the best ratings in environmental clothing possible), in our tote bags (made from cane), and I even cycle to work most days.

We aren't perfect, but we try to do our bit.