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Our ‘I’m Not New’ collection is nearly here.

But first I wanted to tell you a little bit about the story behind this new collection…

When we started designing and printing our own range of tees and sweats, we sourced the most sustainably made product possible, but having a bricks and mortar space makes it difficult to print to order which can mean at the end of the season we have some dead stock or wasted inventory. In a wider context I was horrified to read that around 1.75m tonnes of clothing and textile waste is created in the UK each year and 1.2m tonnes of it ends up in landfill and It is predicted that more than 25% of global carbon emissions will come from creating textiles by 2050.

I started to feel that, even though the materials we were using were sustainably produced, we were contributing to the problem, by using new stock.

During 2020, I didn’t buy anything new for a year, and it really re-ignited my passion for vintage and second hand clothing. This summer, we started to sell the odd vintage top I found, in the shop and it got me thinking, could we print on them. So, I asked Mr. Rebel to do just that and it fucking well worked!! I started wearing them in the shop and customers began to ask if we sold them and so, our ‘I’m not New’ collection was born.

We initially printed 5 vintage tees and sweats and they sold out within the week in the shop, so we have decided to make the collection available online too.

So……how will this work, you may ask! Well each week, I will be trawling my local charity shops and visiting a few kilo sales when possible and I will be hand picking a selection of branded and unbranded plain vintage and second sweats and tees. Then back at FR HQ in Devon, each piece of clothing will be printed with a one-off design so no two items will ever be the same!!

Every Tuesday at 7pm, we will release 5 new items - I will jump onto our instagram feed (@thefamousrebels) and show you them. They will be listed on our website for you to purchase BUT they will be replaced each week.

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