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Fear not ! Black Bloc is alive and well. It's just had a bit of a cosmetic change ! With the Covid-19 crisis causing big changes in our and everyone else's lives, we decided that (with our day jobs rapidly disappearing) now was the time to jump into the wall art and decor world and give it our best shot!

With more time enforced on us, we looked on the positive side and decided that we were going to go for it and get our designs out to as many people as we could and really expand our product range . 

Having done a few rebrands with big teams behind me, this time it was just me and the Mac (plus loads of espressos). 

What you have is heart-on-the-sleeve, not-designed-by-committee love. And that new love is called Famous Rebel.

All the humour, shocks, gags and fun of Black Bloc design is still there. It's just had a slap of paint and a new range of lipstick. Hope you like it. Because I'll be ****ed if I could manage it again.

So "Goodbye Black Bloc" - Say "Hello Famous Rebel." 

Now let's get back to making stuff for you bunch of design loving, desirable delinquents!


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