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Peng Ting-Yellow -Mug

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Peng Ting Mug - In you're gorgeous yellow!

Everything just tastes Peng in a Famous Rebel smug mug. From cup-a-soup to coffee. From Lemsip to Lapsang Souchong. From Bovril to vodka.

Well, maybe not Bovril!

Still, these are totally original and unique mug designs that you won't get anywhere else. Rock up at coffee time with one of these Brewties and you'll be the envy of everyone around you.

Treat yourself. Show the world you deserve it!

Pick up a Peng Ting Mug today!

You just can't help feeling a little smug.


- High-quality 11oz standard ceramic white mug.

- Mugs are hand printed at our HQ in the UK, so they can take a little longer to process (usually 3-5 days)

- Vodka not included. Sorry!

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