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Peng Ting - Wall Art Print


Peng Ting Wall Art Print - You attractive thing you! 

Know what Peng Ting means? Would you know it if you saw it? Maybe you're Peng Ting without realising it?

According to modern slang dictionaries, Peng Ting means a thing of high-quality, excellence and attractiveness.

Which basically means everything we sell at Famous Rebel is Peng Ting.

Including this high-quality, attractive and totally excellent Peng Ting Wall Art print.

Cool. So, now you know! 

Shop our Peng Tin Wall Art print today!

Guaranteed to withstand years of staring.

Description :

- A1 & A2 Wall Art Posters printed on premium quality silver halide photo paper.

- A3-A5 printed on premium 250GSM fine art gallery satin paper.

- Frames NOT included

- Available with Pink or Yellow backgrounds

- Reh teh teh!

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