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Rave Light Cube

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Rave Light Cube - Rave on!

Get the rave vibes back with our new Rave light cube. Rave, Acid House and smiles all round in this stunning yellow and black design from the old Wasp Factory Rave. 

These lights are original Famous Rebel Designs and hand-made by us. The Vinyl designs are hand-cut and layered. Every single one is unique. They don't come from a factory in China. Just saying!

These Retro Light Cubes give off a stunning ambient glow that is beautiful and is guaranteed to be a talking point.

To be honest, once you have one of these and you take it out of the room it was in, it feels like something is missing. The room feels flat - honestly try it out.

Each light cube comes with a 3-4 metre high-quality matching retro corded flex. It can be ceiling hung or used as a traditional lamp. These are 240V UK plug fitting. 

The light cube also comes supplied with a 60W warm white low energy LED light bulb, giving off that authentic retro warm glow whilst staying energy-efficient.

The light cube is 25cm x 25cm x 25cm in size - so you definitely can't miss it in a room. 

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