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Deja Poo-Notecard

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Notecard - Deja Poo

Ever get the feeling you've seen or heard that same old crap somewhere before? Maybe at the office? Maybe from a bestie? Maybe from your good-for-nothing ex?

Well, what you've just experienced my friend is Deja Poo.

A sense that the same old sh#! is being chucked around again to frustrate, irritate and annoy you.

It's quite a common experience at the moment and we think it's super-important to recognise it when it happens.

So, why not do that with our cheeky Deja Poo Notecard?

Send it proudly or display it prominently as a warning to others that you've seen through their tired turd-talk and they better up their game if they want a piece of your precious time.

Trust us. It's for their own good.

Shop our Deja Poo Notecard today!

Famous Rebel - Saving you from the same old crap, everyday!

Additional Info:

- 6x6 inch large square cards.

- Premium 350 GSM Cardstock

- Premium Coloured Envelope included