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Facemelter - Wall Art Print

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Facemelter Rave Art Print - Famous Rebel

What the hell has rave, ecstasy and Mitsubishi got to do with wall art?

It's a weird one and, to be honest, we had no idea until we started writing this! Wall art, MDMA, rave and cars? It doesn't make sense. Or does it?

In those halcyon days of the early 90s, the Mitsubishi stamp was literally a guarantee of quality. The Mitsubishi was King of the "Disco Biscuits" and a guaranteed "Facemelter".

This bright and bold rave art print will give you a guaranteed high and invoke memories of those early "face-melting" hedonistic rave nights, as well as giving you and your walls a vibrant rush of colour.

Plus, it's completely legal and doesn't ever have to come down!

So, what are you waiting for? It's not everyday you find something to rave about

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** If you really want to know the history behind this Rave Wall Art Print and the untold story of the Mitsubishi logos on early ecstasy tablets. Click Here **