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Lumps and Bumps Socks - by Eat Mielies

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Lumps & Bumps Socks by Eat Mielies - Body bootiful!

Stick out your chest. Jiggle your junk. And shout out loud with us, "I love my lumps and bumps!".

And we love these lump and bump socks by the fabulous Eat Mielies too. 

Available in two sizes: 37-41 and 42-46 and made with 90% cotton, 8% polyamide, 2% elastane, they're super soft and super affirming.

They're unfiltered. They're celebratory. They're body image bootifuI!

And they're perfect for our lockdown lumps and bumps.

So, do your feet a favour and give yourself that feel-good factor today! You deserve it!

Shop Lumps & Bumps Socks by Eat Mielies now!

Happiness from head to toe!