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Pink Acid - Rave TShirt

So that's what 90s rave looks like!

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100% combed organic cotton. Heavy weight jersey t-shirt.


Weight approx 5.6oz / 190g.
Available in sizes XS to XL. Check product images for size chart.

About this Pink Acid - Rave TShirt

Our idea of acid-house heaven, this "Pink Acid" rave t shirt is a simple fusion of our favourite acid-smiley graphics & vibrant colours.

Neon yellow, cute pink & classic white mean that, on the dancefloor underneath the lights, you'll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Why we think you'll love it

It's a tee that has serious retro 90s rave vibes yet, at the same time, looks cool & modern.

Funky colours & a pre-stressed design makes it almost appear like a rave original.

You'll have them all fooled.

How to Style it

One of our trippiest designs, this "Pink Acid" rave tshirt needs to be worn with the same carefree attitude it was created.

Chuck it on & spread some chilled out vibes whenever & wherever you go.

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