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Smile Summer Of Love - Rave T Shirt

Take us back to that Summer of Love

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100% combed organic cotton. Heavy weight jersey t-shirt.


Weight approx 5.6oz / 190g.
Available in sizes XS to XL. Check product images for size chart.

About this Smile Summer Of Love - Rave T Shirt

The Second Summer of Love was a 1980s social phenomenon in the UK, which saw the rise of acid house music & unlicensed rave parties.

It also marked the revival of the acid smiley icon & brought it to a new generation of clubbers - featuring on fliers, clothing (and drugs) everywhere.

This t-shirt design is our modern remix of that iconic image - the acid-house smiley face.

Why we think you'll love it

If you raved through the late 80's & 90's like us, then this t-shirt design needs no explanation.

The Acid House smiley face was ubiquitous with love, peace, electronic music, raves and, of course, drugs. ;-) .

It's an iconic look that guarantees instant kudos from even the most critical of old skool ravers.

How to Style it

A high-quality, white classic crew T-Shirt makes this black & neon yellow acid-smiley face design really pop.

Its stressed & torn hand-printed graphic makes it almost look like a vintage acid-house smiley face t shirt from the original Summer of Love.

They'll be jealous as anything. Wear it like you were there...or still are!

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