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OH Shit - Candle - Wavey Casa

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"OH SHIT" Candle by Wavey Casa

If we were candles that's probably what we'd be saying right about now. Still, it might take more than a looming energy crisis for us to light one of these beauties. They're just so cute!

Anyway, fyi, each Wavey Casa candle is handmade and may have small imperfections as a result. There may also be small variations in colour.

Which is cool by us as it means each candle is unique.

Shop our Wavey Casa "Oh Shit" Candle today!

Energy crisis? What energy crisis?

Additional Info:

  • 100% Eco Soy
  • Size - approx 15cm x  5cm x 5cm
  • Weight - approx 400g 
  • Vegan and unscented
  • Can be used as a decorative piece

    * Candle Care: If you light your candle please ensure you put a dish underneath to capture the wax. When you receive your candle please trim your wick to approx 1/4 inch *

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