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Hi! We're The Famous Rebels (or Mr & Mrs Rebel if you pop in the store).

So, first, thanks for stopping by and finding out a little more about us. We need to get one thing straight from the start. Everything we do has our tongue firmly in our cheeks.

We don't take life too seriously, we don't crave likes or adoration. We don't claim to be guru hipster art designers.

We just love making unique things that people like and that possibly make them feel happy, sad, sexy or funny (or maybe all of these at once).

We changed our website recently to show people more of this (and our tongue in cheek side) and to show that we were real normal people, not a faceless hidden company.

We set up Famous Rebel as the alternative to a world full of sickly sweet cliche'd art posters and inspirational quotes.

Originally we only sold Wall Art prints online but, recently, we have started to grow into Home Decor, Fashion and even Light Boxes (these are my babies and I will tend to drone on about them).

Most of the products are made here, or designed in house at our shop in Totnes.

We have a lot of products that are hand made - did I mention light boxes and vintage signs?

We have a close knit group of friends and family who help out with most things, so we try to not have anything mass produced.

Our product range may have grown, but they all have our unique Famous Rebel touch or style. Our designs have always been about the idea first and how they make you feel.

With my background as a Creative Director an Ads & Marketing it's probably not a coincidence. The idea always came first. Mix in a rebellious nature and you have Famous Rebel.

People told us we must be mad to open a retail store, so that's what we did. We did say we went against the grain. So, if you fancy seeing us and our products up close, you'll find us in the quirky town of Totnes in South Devon.

Admittedly, this was a gamble and, in the middle of a pandemic, we seriously questioned our sanity at times.

However, the reaction to the shop has been amazing, allowing us to really get a feel for the products people liked and to get to meet our loyal customers face to face.

We can honestly say it's the best decision we've made. Seeing people crack up laughing at our designs, or saying our shop is cool, is the best feeling ever.

Hopefully, they were funny designs they were laughing at.

So, that's the story of the last 18 months. It's been a whirlwind. We're a small team and we'll be staying small.

This means we will sometimes get things wrong, or accidentally send out the wrong emails, or wrong items. We're only human.

But, we will always stay true and rebellious and aim to keep YOU, our customers, happy & smiling.


The Famous Rebels xx